A variety of flavors meet the darker side of dark chocolate.

A moonless sky gives way to a new dimension of darkness. Rich, swiss-style dark chocolate asks vibrant fruits, nuts and spirits to dance. Won’t you join them?

$ 33.00 

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Double Dark Porter

Cheers Mate.

Dark 58%

A good middleground for those who like bitter flavors.

Dark 70%

Dark chocolate made from single source Venezulan beans.

Dark 74%

The perfect pure dark truffle.

Dark Hazelnut

Its nutty how good this is.

Dark Honey

Dark chocolate with some honey on top.


Mocha chocolate - frappa - delicoiusness.

Dark Raspberry

We ran out of snozberries.

Strawberry Passion Fruit

Two flavors, one chocolate, can you handle that?

Dark Orange

Its dark, orange, and delicioius.

Dark Peanut Butter

Mmmmmmm... peanut buttery chocolatey goodness.


Pe-khan! Pee-can! Pecan! I dont care how you say it, enjoy it!

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